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  • Xiajiang Water Control Project
    Some rivers in Xinjiang have very obvious flood season and dry season, and the flow of this river is also relatively ideal, so the establishment of water conservancy projects here can not only play a role in flood control and drought control, but also use natural energy for power generation, and can Read More
  • Macedonian Highway Project
    Located along the Belt and Road, Northern Macedonia enjoys obvious geographical advantages in the Balkan region. Chinese ambassador to north horse YanLiXian on the opening ceremony, said mira perez has - stipe expressway opened to traffic for economic development and improving people's livelihood, n Read More
  • Mongolia's First Highway
    The highway, built with Chinese standards and technology, marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Mongolia. It has become another landmark project of China-Mongolia friendship.Zheng Ji, chief engineer of China Railway Fourth Bureau Mongolia New airport Hi Read More
  • China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
    Connecting the Silk Road Economic Belt to the north and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road to the south, it is a key hub connecting the north and south Silk Roads.The project provides a new path for China and Pakistan to share digital information. It is of great significance to improve Pakistan's t Read More
  • Bank Revetment Project of Milsale Economic Zone, Bangladesh
    The Mirsarai Economic Zone project is the largest of the 100 economic zones to be built by the government to create a "Golden Bengal". The construction involves a number of projects such as revetment and reclamation. The completion of the project will increase the pace of investment in the area, so Read More
  • Bank Revetment Project of Milsale Economic Zone, Bangladesh
    Bangladesh Mirsalai Economic Zone project is a key project for the local government to construct the economic zone in an all-round way, including bank protection, dredging and other sub-projects. Currently, the General Project Department of Binhai Company in Bangladesh is carrying out construction w Read More





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