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  • Polypropylene PP fabric non woven geotextile for geobag road landfill mine projectsPolypropylene PP fabric non woven geotextile for geobag road landfill mine projects is used to separate,filter,reinforce,protect or drain.Geotextiles are commenly used to separate layers like clay and drainage and t


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  • Differences Between Geogrids and GeotextilesGeotextiles are manufactured for separation, filtration, and drainage purposes, whereas geogrids are specifically manufactured as a reinforcement material.A geogrid is unlikely to separate any type of fill. For instance, once the subgrade soils become satu


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  • The Low Cost, High Volume Dewatering Solution Geotube dewatering containers are an effective dewatering technology fabricated from a specially engineered textile which provides confinement of the fine solids inside the container, while allowing water to permeate through the engineered textile. As th


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  • Reinforced Slopes with GeogridGeogrid-wrapped facings make use of soil-filled bags as the slope-facing units with engineered soil backfill behind. Engineers utilize them for the construction of steep slopes in locations where operations can be mobilized without incurring high costs.Geobags are used


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  • Professional geosynthetics manufacturerAnhui Zhonglu Engineer Materials Co., LtdAngela:86-18095658976


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  • What is Geogrid?These are open mesh-like materials of integrally connected polymers. Geogrid is made from polyester, polyethylene, or polypropylene.They are primarily used for soil or hardscape reinforcement and stabilization; for instance, reinforcing a retaining wall backfill in several civil engi


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