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Manufacturer Staple Fiber PET PP Non Woven Geotextile 100g-600g M2 Geotextile

1. High strength

2. Strong puncture resistance.

3. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance

4. High water permeability

  • geotextile

  • Non Woven short fiber Geotextile

Manufacturer Staple Fiber PET PP Non Woven Geotextile 100g-600g M2 Geotextile

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Product Description

 Geotextiles are engineered fabrics in the form of a continuous sheet of woven, nonwoven, knitted or stitch-bonded fibres or yarns.
    They are made from flexible and permeable fabrics and are made from a range of polymers and natural fibres, most commonly polyester and polypropylene for permanent applications.

Geotextiles are used in civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering for a range of specific engineering functions such as separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement and erosion control applications.

   They’re a very valuable engineering material and can be used in many situations to replace large amounts of natural quarried resource such as drainage aggregate.

   Other members of the geosynthetics family are geogrids, geonets, geomembranes and geocomposites.

  Geotextiles can be classified on the basis of their functions as: Protection, fluid transmission, separation, reinforcement, tensional membrane, tensile member and barrier.

  These are generally made of woven , non-woven and knitted type of fabrics.

  But nowadays non-wovens have facing increasing demands as they meet the properties of strain, sound and heat insulation.

2.Product Feature

Geotextile can make the water flow easily, and form a drainage channel in the soil, and then make the liquid and gas out of the soil.

Make use of its pulling resistance and deformation resistance that can strength the soil to reinforce the stability of the construction structure and improve the soil’s quality.

2) Make the focus proliferate, deliver and decompose efficiently and prevent the soil from destruction from outside factor.

3) Prevent the top and bottom layer’s gravel, soil and concrete from mixer.

4) The mesh cannot be plugged easily – for the strain and moving quality of the network that formed by the antitype fiber.

5) High soaking quality—at the pressure of soil, it also can keep good soaking quality.

6) Corrosion resistant – using the polypropylene and polyester as raw material, it can resist the sour and aid, erosion, boring and oxidation.

7) The construction is easy; the weight is light, convenient for using, and it making construction easy.

Technical data sheet of polypropylene geotextile
Manufacturer short fiber pp pet non woven geotextile 100g-800g m2

Technical data sheet of polyester geotextile

Gram weight Thickness(mm) Breaking strength(kn/m) CBR burst strength(KN) Elongation at break(% Tear Strength(KN) Sieve size O99(O35)mm
100 0.9 2.5 0.3 25-100 0.08 0.07-2.0
150 1.3 4.5 0.6 25-100 0.12 0.07-2.0
200 1.7 6.5 0.9 25-100 0.16 0.07-2.0
250 2.1 8.0 1.2 25-100 0.20 0.07-2.0
300 2.4 9.5 1.5 25-100 0.24 0.07-2.0
350 2.7 11.0 1.8 25-100 0.28 0.07-2.0
400 3.0 12.5 2.1 25-100 0.33 0.07-2.0
450 3.3 14.0 2.4 25-100 0.38 0.07-2.0
500 3.6 16.0 2.7 25-100 0.42 0.07-2.0
600 4.1 19.0 3.2 25-100 0.46 0.07-2.0


25.0 4.0 25-100 0.60 0.07-2.0


3.Product Parameter

4.Project Cases

  • Road Construction

  • Road Repair

  • Repaving

  • Sports Fields

  • Railroads

  • Embankment Stabilization and Support

  • Support for Retaining Walls



To separate two layers of soil with different physical properties, such as the separation of road gravel from soft sub-base materials.

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To improve the load bearing capacity of a specific soil structure, such as the reinforcement of a retaining wall.

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When water passes from a fine-grained to a coarse grained layer, Non-woven Geotextiles can retain fine particles well. Such as when water flows from a sandy soil into a Geotextile wrapped gravel drain.



To drain liquid or gas from the plane of the fabric, which leads to draining or venting of the soil, such as the gas vent layer in a landfill cap.






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