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High Quality Road Reinforcement Plastic Geocell Hdpe Soil Gravel Stabilizer

1. Freely retractable, foldable for transportation

2. Wear resistance, photooxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance

3. High lateral restriction and anti-slip, anti-deformation

4. Convenient connection and fast construction speed

  • 50-330MM 50-356MM 100-330MM 100-356MM 50-445MM 200-445MM

  • Zhongloo

High Quality Road Reinforcement Plastic Geocell Hdpe Soil Gravel Stabilizer


  1. Product Description

  • HDPE Geocell is a perforated cellular confinement system engineered from HDPE sections for maximum performance. 

  • HDPE Geocells available in a number of depth and cell opening combinations. 

  • HDPE Geocells supplied in a folded configuration that minimises transport costs to site, yet can be readily expanded on site for very quick installation. 

  • HDPE Geocell has been perforated to ensure that each cell does not become water saturated during use.

2.Product Feature

  1. With flexible, transport can be folded, construction can be stretched into a network, filled with soil, gravel, concrete and other loose materials, constitute a strong lateral limit and stiffness of the structure.

  2. Light material, wear resistance, chemical stability, light and oxygen resistance aging, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for different soil and desert and other soil conditions.

  3. Higher lateral restrictions and anti-slip, anti-deformation, effectively enhance the bearing capacity of the roadbed and dispersed load.

  4. Different engineering needs can be met by changing the height and welding distance of geotechnical chamber.

  5. Flexible, small transport volume; The connection is convenient and the construction speed is fast.

3.Product Parameter


4.Project Cases



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