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Geocell for Road Gravel Grid Geocell

1. Freely retractable, foldable for transportation

2. Wear resistance, photooxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance

3. High lateral restriction and anti-slip, anti-deformation

4. Convenient connection and fast construction speed

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  • Zhongloo

1.Product DescriptionIMG_1449 SUMMER 孟丽

The geocell is honeycombed three-dimensional grid structure which is welded by high-strength HDPE sheet. The  geocell is easy to stretch. It can be folded up when transport and opened to fill the earth or concrete when use it.

The cushion can be placed in the required position accordance with the requirements of the project for Reinforcement of roads, railways and soft soil foundation, slope protection, green structure, the construction of retaining walls and so on. The most important feature is can solve and complete a variety of difficult problems which can’t be dealed with use conventional method in geotechnical engineering,such as bridge jumping, soft base subsidence, fouling, landslides and desert subgrade.

2.Product Feature

A. It is flexible in expansion and contraction, and can be folded in transportation.

B. Light material, abrasion resistance, stable chemical performance

C. Flexible expansion, small transportation volume; convenient connection and fast construction speed.

3.Product Parameter


4.Project Cases



Geocell Applications

A.solid railway roadbed

B.highway's soft foundation

C.withstand truck force embankments,retaining wall

D.running shallow river

E.pipeline and the sewer's support structure prevent landslides and load force by the hybrid wall






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