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geosynthetic materials Geogrid

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What is Geogrid?

These are open mesh-like materials of integrally connected polymers. Geogrid is made from polyester, polyethylene, or polypropylene.

They are primarily used for soil or hardscape reinforcement and stabilization; for instance, reinforcing a retaining wall backfill in several civil engineering-related applications.

In most cases, geogrids are used in high-demand agricultural or heavy load situations. As a result, their strength can be greater than most geotextiles.

Thanks to its low strain, geogrids are strong in tension, stretching only about 2 to 5% under load. Geogrids come in three types, namely, extruded geogrid, woven geogrid, and bonded geogrid.

a. Extruded Geogrids

These are manufactured by stretching uniaxially or biaxially extruding polymers or extruded integral structure.

Extruded geogrids are generally rigid when compared to flexible woven and bonded geogrids.

b. Woven Geogrids

These are produced by weaving together polypropylene coated polyester fibres into longitudinal & transverse ribs.

After which, knitting or intertwining is introduced to join the crossovers before protecting the entire unit with an additional coating.

c. Bonded Geogrids

As the name implies, bonded geogrids are manufactured by bonding two or more sets of strands or other elements, typically a right-angles.


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