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fiberglass geogrid composite geotextile

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The full name of glass fiber composite geotextile is that glass fiber composite geotextile is a new geosynthetic material, which is made of glass fiber as reinforcement material and composited with short fiber needle punched non-woven fabric. Glass fiber composite geotextiles are different from general woven fabrics. Its biggest feature is that the intersection of warp and weft is not bent, and they are in a straight state. Binding the two firmly with the binding wire can be more evenly synchronized across the board, withstand external force and distribute stress, and when the external force is applied to tear the material, the yarn will gather along the initial crack to increase the tear strength.

When warp knitting is used for compounding, the warp knitting binding thread is used to repeatedly pass between the warp, weft and the fiber layers of the staple fiber needle-punched geotextile, so that the three are knitted together. Therefore, the glass fiber composite geotextile has the characteristics of high tensile strength and low elongation, and also has the properties of needle-punched nonwovens.


Geogrid composite geotextile is a new type of composite geotextile made of glass fiber or high-strength polyester fiber and non-woven fabric by weaving or bonding. It organically combines the excellent properties of geogrid and geotextile. It is composed of 120G geotextile and 50Kn glass fiber geogrid or polyester geogrid. In addition: the specific models of geotextiles and geogrids can be customized as required. The width of the geogrid is 1m-6m.

  1. High tensile strength, low elongation 2. High elastic modulus 3. Good temperature resistance 4. High water permeability, anti-filtration 5. Anti-tear, anti-separation, long service life

    Fiberglass composite geotextiles are suitable for highways, railways, water conservancy, airports, ports, land reclamation, landfills, municipal construction and other projects. Features.

    1. It is used for the enhancement of roads, railways, airports and other pavements. 2. It is used for the maintenance and widening of old pavement (asphalt pavement, cement concrete pavement). 3. Used for roadbed enhancement.





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