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Why to use geocell and geocell function

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Why to use geocell and geocell function

Why use Geocells?

In road, railway, sewer and slope applications, etc. During construction, we sometimes encounter soft and/or soft soils. The traditional method is to fill with expensive materials, which can be expensive and time-consuming. However, there is an effective alternative to using geocells directly on the subgrade. Geocells are made of ultrasonically welded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that can be expanded to form a honeycomb structure. The cells are then filled with ready-made granular material and compacted. The Anhui Zhonglu Geocell solution means challenging soil stability issues in many applications through a high-strength network of interconnected cells.


How does Geocell work?

When filled with compacted material, it creates a new composite solid with enhanced mechanical and geotechnical properties.

When soil within a Geocell is stressed, it creates lateral stresses on the surrounding cell walls.

The 3D confinement area reduces the lateral movement of soil particles, while the vertical load on the contained infill results in high lateral stress and resistance at the cell-soil interface. These increase the shear strength of the confined soil:

1. Create a firm mattress or slab to distribute the load over a wider area.

2. Prevent punching of soft soil.

3. Improve shear resistance and bearing capacity

4. Reduce deformation

The confinement of adjacent cells provides additional resistance to the loaded cells through passive resistance, while lateral expansion of the infill is limited by the high ring strength. Compaction is maintained by Geocell, allowing long-term reinforcement.


What are the advantages of geocells?

1. Geocells are scalable, retractable, and constructed into 3D grids. When filled with soil gravel or any loose material, they may have strong lateral constraints and degree structure

2. Geocell has the characteristics of light weight, wear resistance, stable chemical properties, light oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. It is suitable for different soil and desert conditions

3. The geocell has a high level of lateral limit anti-skid and anti-deformation ability, which improves the effective load and distributed load of the roadbed.

4. The geocell can meet different engineering needs by changing its height and welding torch. These sections have different element sizes, element depths and section lengths

5.Geocell has a convenient connection structure, which is convenient for transportation and construction.






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