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Wholesale Drainage Geotechnical Mats Plastic 3D Geomat Erosion Control Mat

High pressure resistance;
High opening density;
Omni-directional water collection and horizontal drainage.
Model Number:
  • Geotechnical Mat

  • zhongloo

  • Geotechnical Mat

Wholesale Drainage Geotechnical Mats Plastic 3D Geomat Erosion Control Mat

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Product Description

Geotechnical MatGeotechnical mats are also called seepage and drainage sheets. Geotechnical mats are a new type of geosynthetic material made of messy wire melted and laid. It has high pressure resistance, large opening density, and has the functions of omni-directional water collection and horizontal drainage. The composition structure is a three-dimensional geonet core with needle punched perforated non-woven geotextile on both sides. The three-dimensional geonet core can quickly discharge groundwater, and it also has a pore maintenance system that can block capillary water under high loads. At the same time, it can also play a role in isolation and reinforcement.

Products Features

1. After the geotechnical mat is combined with the non-woven geotextile, it can collect rainwater that has penetrated the soil cover or the sewage discharged from the yard itself under the buried closed cover layer, using its unique drainage function, in accordance with the requirements of the project Discharge in an orderly manner from the interlayer of the geotechnical mat without forming siltation. Therefore, possible sliding problems caused by the saturation of the soil cover layer with water absorption can be avoided. 2. The geotechnical mat can not only drain water, but also discharge the methane produced by fermentation in the soil. It is especially suitable for application in landfills. 3. When the geotechnical mat is combined with HDPE, it can also protect the HDPE membrane from being punctured.

Products Application

Subgrade drainage of railways and waterways, reverse filtration of retaining walls, drainage of slopes and in-slopes, drainage and moisture prevention of underground buildings, drainage systems for lawns, collection and drainage of roof gardens, sewage treatment, garbage dumps, landfills and other projects .





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