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Warp Knitting Polyester Geogrid Fabric for Railway Project

Polyester geogrid is a new kind of earthwork base material which is used to strengthen the road surface and roadbed. Composing of high strength polyester yarns, coated with an inorganic size agent, it is mainly applied in strengthening soft ground of road, highway, railway, port, slope, retaining wall, etc.
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Warp Knitting Polyester geogrid fabric is fabricated by the complex knitting process using high tenacity, high oriented polyester filament to provide superior engineering and long term design strength properties.  BPM warp knitting polyester geogrid is specifically designed for improved tensile reinforcement capacity in two principle directions. Our warp knitting polyester geogrid is engineered to be mechanically and chemically stable and biologically unaffected by soil micro-organisms. It is used for both harsh construction installation phase and in soil reinforcement application where strength develops uni-axially which can provide further chemical, mechanical and ultraviolet protection.


PET20-20, PET30-30, PET40-40, PET50-50, PET60-60,

PET80-80, PET100-100, PET120-120, PET150-150,

PET50-30, PET60-30, PET80-30, PET100-30, PET120-30,


1. Reinforcement of soft soil sub-grades of various roads such as highways, railways and municipal roads can effectively improve the strength of sub-grades and delay road reflection cracks. 

2. Reinforcement and isolation of dams and river channels in water conservancy projects strengthens the soft soil foundation, enhances its protective capacity, and improves the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation. 

3. Used for reinforcement of embankment slopes and retaining walls to enhance overall strength.






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