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Uniaxial Plastic Geogrid used for Road Construction

HDPE uniaxial geogrid is made of high molecular polymer after extruded and laminated and punched into regular mesh before longitudinal stretching.This process makes high molecule in direct line state in oblong oval net structure with uniform distribution and high node intensity.
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1.Product Description

Uniaxial Plastic Geogrid is the geosynthetic products commonly made with polymer materials. Due to the abilities of strength in tension and heavy load distribution across large area, BPM geogrid is widely used to reinforce soils and other materials in construction applications such retaining walls, foundation soil and pavement construction, etc. Typical geogrid products include biaxial geogrid, uniaxial geogrid and fiberglass geogrid. They have the features of strong tension, higher bearing load capacity, easy construction, land optimization, soil erosion protection, lower maintenance cost, etc.

2.Detailed Photos

3.Product Application
Reinforcing for retaining wall, dike and steep slope.
Mainly used in the highway, railway, retaining wall, dam, dike and steep slope.

Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls
Geogrid reinforced soil retaining walls offer economical and aesthetically pleasing alternatives to conventional retaining wall systems. The geogrid reinforced fill zone behind the wall facing acts as a uniform mass or block, providing stability to the wall
and structure. Geogrids work with a wide variety of fill materials and facing elements including segmental concrete blocks,concrete panels, geogrid wraps, timbers or boulders.
Geogrid Reinforced Slopes
Geogrid reinforced slopes provide a natural and economical alternative to conventional concrete retaining walls. Geogrid reinforced slopes create naturally finished slope structures that are easy to construct and enhance property values because of their natural beauty. Geogrid reinforced slopes can be built at any angle to provide the most economical use of available space while avoiding the increased cost of vertical structures.
The construction of embankments, bridge approach fills, dikes and causeways over soft soils and wetlands traditionally involves expensive, time consuming construction methods. Geogrid reinforcement of these structures minimizes the project footprint, fill requirements and differential settlement, saving time and money.

4.Product Feature

• High tensile and long-term strength
• High tear strength
• Excellent creep resistance
• Flexible and durable
• Increased pull-out resistance and compound strength
• Optimum stability of the junction of the grid
• High chemical and biological resistance
• UV resistance / Cost effective
• High resistance to installation damage and ease of installation






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