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Soft Soil Reinforcement Polypropylene Plastic Biaxial Geogrid

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geogrid pavement

Geogrid pavement is a type of reinforced pavement that uses geogrids to enhance its strength and durability. Geogrids are typically made of high-strength polymer materials, such as polyester or polypropylene, that are woven or knitted into a grid-like pattern.

geogrid advantage

When geogrids are placed within the pavement structure, they act as a reinforcement layer that helps distribute the weight of traffic and other loads more evenly across the pavement surface. This results in improved load-bearing capacity, reduced deformation, and increased resistance to cracking and rutting.

geogrid case4

Geogrid pavement is commonly used in road construction, airport runways, parking lots, and other high-traffic areas. The use of geogrids in pavement design can also result in cost savings by reducing the thickness of the pavement layers needed to achieve the desired performance, and by extending the lifespan of the pavement, which reduces maintenance and repair costs over time.

Geogrid is suitable for various embankments and roadbed reinforcement, slope protection, and tunnel wall reinforcement. Large-scale airports, parking lots, dock freight yards and other permanent bearing foundation reinforcement.
Geogrid is used to increase the bearing capacity of the road (ground) foundation and prolong the service life of the road (ground) foundation.
Geogrid is used to prevent the road (ground) from collapsing or cracking, and keep the ground beautiful and tidy.
Geogrid is used for convenient construction, saving time and effort, shortening the construction period and reducing maintenance costs.
Geogrids are used to prevent cracks in culverts.
Geogrids are used to enhance soil slopes and prevent soil erosion.
Geogrid is used to reduce the thickness of the cushion and save the cost.
The geogrid is used to support the stable greening environment of the grass-planting mesh pad on the slope.
Geogrid can effectively block the transmission of seismic force and play an important role in enhancing the seismic stiffness, strength and stability of embankment.
The successful application of geogrid is expected to reduce various embankment diseases common in high-intensity earthquake areas and improve the earthquake resistance and disaster reduction ability of roads. However, the current seismic design codes for highways and railways have not made corresponding provisions on the seismic performance of geogrid-reinforced embankments.





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