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Retaining Wall With Geotextile and Geogrid Reinforcement

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Retaining Wall With Geotextile and Geogrid Reinforcement

It is becoming more critical to employ conservative techniques when constructing new projects. This is to ensure high reliability and longevity. Steep artificial slopes and geotextile/geogrid reinforcement slopes are commonly used to retain walls as they offer stabilization.

It is shown that the woven geotextiles and geogrids improve the internal stability of structures by providing internal drainage for Geosynthetic reinforced soil (GRS) walls with poorly draining marginal backfill.

Depending on the wall height and site conditions, retaining walls often require soil reinforcement. To the best of our knowledge, geogrid or geotextile installation can be used to reinforce soil behind retaining walls.


How to Retain Walls With Geogrid and Geotextile Reinforcement

As the demand for retaining walls continue to increase, different solutions are coming into play. As a result, the knowledge in utilizing these systems in innovative new ways continues to grow in ground engineering.

There are a lot of geotextile installation solutions for the creation of both green- and hard-faced retaining walls.

1. Retaining wall with reinforced soil, cross section

Geogrid soil reinforcement is employed if the weight of the wall units alone cannot resist the force of an unstable soil wedge or any load above it.

Horizontal layers of geogrid provide tensile strength to hold the reinforced soil mass together.

Retaining Wall with Unreinforced Soil, Cross Section

As a result, the geogrid-reinforced soil mass becomes part of the retaining wall system, providing more size and weight that the system needs to resist pressures from behind it. For taller walls, more layers of stronger geogrids are introduced to hold the reinforced soil mass internally.

As the wall gets taller, longer geogrid lengths need to be introduced to increase the size of the geogrid-reinforced soil mass.

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