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Precautions for laying HDPE Plastic geocell

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   Precautions for laying HDPE Plastic geocells--anhui zhonglu hdpe geocell factory

The stability of HDPE geocells in the process of road construction has gradually emerged, and more and more construction companies have purchased this method of Plastic geocell reinforcement. In order to improve the construction quality and effectively exert the reinforcement effect of the hdpe geocell, it is very important to strictly control the construction process of the geocell, especially in the process of cutting, tensioning and filling of the hdpe plastic geocell, pay attention to the following issues:

1.Geocell filler. After the geocell is laid, it shall be filled with materials within half a day and covered within one day to avoid embrittlement and aging of the cell materials caused by strong light and ultraviolet radiation. When filling geocell materials, mechanical and manual filling can be used to improve work efficiency. The materials can be piled into the cell by excavator, and then tamped and paved manually. After the cell is filled with materials, it shall be filled with 10cm thick medium coarse sand or gravel, and then covered with soil. In order to ensure that the cell is not damaged, 70cm soil must be filled before the roller is allowed to roll and pave the road. In order to ensure the compactness of the fill, it is required to fill according to 30CM.

2.Geocell cutting. The laying length of geocell must be larger than the subgrade width. When the length exceeds the subgrade width and needs to be cut, the materials in the cell must be filled first and then cut to ensure that the cell does not retract. During cutting, in order to ensure that the materials in the grid are not wasted and leaked, it must be cut along the blank space that has not been filled with materials outside the subgrade.

3.Geocell tensioning. Before on-site tensioning, it is necessary to check whether the geocell is of good quality and completeness, and if it is found to be broken, it should be replaced immediately. When the geocell is tensioned, the tension range should be controlled to ensure that the cell can be restored without being deformed or damaged.

In highway engineering, after the construction of the geocell, the engineering personnel surveyed the settlement results in four times, which lasted for 4 months. According to the observation results, after setting the geocell as the transition section in the soft foundation treatment section, there is only a slight difference in settlement, which will not affect the subgrade damage. In addition to the settlement observation, the engineers also conducted on-site observation of the stability of the two bypass foundations. Through field observation, no cracking phenomenon was found on the top surface of the subgrade and at the corners of the subgrade, which is basically consistent with the settlement observation results.

The setting of the geocell makes the different soft foundation treatment sections settle evenly at the handover position, which ensures the stability and integrity of the roadbed. It can be seen that the geocell can effectively solve the problem of uneven settlement of the roadbed.






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