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Polypropylene spunbond needle punched nonwoven filament geotextile

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               Anhui zhonglu Polypropylene spunbond needle punched nonwoven filament geotextile

(1)Light in weight . Densityof polypropylenproducts is 0.91 g / cm3 ( polyester is 1.38g / cm . 3 ) , so the polypropylene geotextilehas a larger coverage area of the samequality geotextile under the same strengthas the polyester geotextile.

(2)  Good chemical stability. Polypropylenehas excellent acid and alkali resistanceespecially alkali resistance is superior topolyester. Polyester geotextiles are proneto irreversible hydrolysis under alkalineconditions or in the presence of largeamounts of water, resulting in a loss oreven complete loss of material properties,epecially for areas that are in directcontact with alkaline interfaces such ascement lime and saline-alkali, while polypropylene Geotextiles are fully applicable tothe above environment and do not pollutethe environment.

( 3 ) High mechanical properties . Polypropyl -ene spunbonded needle-punched gentextile is made up of continuouspolypropylene filaments . The tensilefracture form of the fabric is mainly thefiber breakage , while the staple fiber geotextile is mainly the extraction between thefibers . Therefore , strength , elongation andother mechanical properties of polypropylene spunbonded needle-punched geotexles are better than staple fiber geotextile.






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