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Plastic Grass Gravel Grid for Car Parking

1. High compressive strength

2. Corrosion resistance

3. Easy to install

4. Long service life
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Parking gravel holder pavers driveway Grid

  1. Product Parameter


2. Product Description

Permeable grass gravel pavers are designed for vehicular load and traffic, as well as pedestrian and bike applications and many other heavy traffic areas. It provides an eco-friendly and superior alternative to traditional permeable concrete grid paving.

Our grass pavers are very durable and can be used in both domestic and commercial applications. Plastic pavers prevent soil erosion, prevent vehicles sinking and vastly improve drainage, all whilst having a little visual impact.

When compared to traditional concrete permeable pavers, our pavers is superior in many applications, including landscaping, overflow parking, and private grass driveways. It does not crack and strong enough up to 200 ton/sqm load, is permeable, and will not dry out grass or cause flooding. Ideal for grass driveways, gravel parking areas, trailer parking spots, golf cart paths, residential parking lots, permeable pavements, rooftop gardens, swimming pool and jacuzzi surrounding areas.

1.Reduce ground reflection, reduce ground heat radiation
2.Reduce the ground acoustic wave transmission, reduce noise pollution.
3.Reduce dust and purify the air
4.Natural leakage of rainwater, soil does not lose, no water phenomenon
5.Free combination and disassembly, reusable
6.Easy to install.

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Unbeatable benefits &features for Gravel Stabilizer, Grass Paver, Plastic Driveway Paver:

1. Quick and easy to install
2. Extremely lightweight
3. High Strength
4. Safety interlocking system
5. Surface reinforcement with natural drainage
6. Extremely versatile due to addition elements(curve wedges, slope angles, car park makings)
7. Minimal maintenance
8. Non-slip and crack proof
9. Weatherproof and environmentally friendly
10. Withstands frost and UV radiation
11. Cut to size
12. Does not expand

5.Project Cases

Mainly used for seepage prevention, reinforcement, protection of DAMS, water treatment, landfill filtration, drainage and asphalt road reconstruction and other projects.






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