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PP Polyethylene Biaxial Geogrid&Application

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Plastic Biaxial PP Geogrid is an integrally formed structure,which especially designed for soil stabilization and reinforcement applications. biaxial geogrid is manufactured from Polypropylene,from the process of extruding,longitudinal stretching and transverse stretching.
Geogrid have high tensile strength at both longitudinal (MD) and transverse (TD) direction. It makes soil reinforced with its excellent structure stability and strong machanical interlock performance.


Plastic Biaxial PP Geogrid Application

1. It is applied in reinforcement of roadbed and road surface of road, railway, airport, etc.;
2. It is applied in foundation reinforcement of perpetual bearings such as large-scale park, dock, and freight yard, etc.;
3. It is applied in the secondary reinforcement of earth slope after being reinforced by uniaxial plastic geogrid so as to further reinforce the earth slope and prevent water and soil loss;
4. It is applied in the reinforcement of culvert;
5. It is applied in slope protection of railway and road;
6. Reinforcement of mine and gallery;
7. Special network used in livestock breeding;

8. Special network used in cage culture.

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