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PP Plastic Biaxial Geogrid

1. High Tear Strength
2. Flexible and durable
3. Excellent Creep Resistance
4. UV resistance
5. Cost effective


1.Product DescriptionIMG_1449 SUMMER 孟丽

A geogrid is a geosynthetic with large openings or apertures. Geogrids are used as soil reinforcement below roads, under structures and behind retaining walls. They also reinforce paving overlays. Geogrids can be uniaxial (strength in one direction) or biaxial (equal strength in both directions) and are made from polyester, polypropylene or fiberglass. Manufacturing methods include woven, knitted, extruded or otherwise “integrally formed.”

2.Product Funtion

 Soft foundation reinforcing for highway, railway, Slop protecting projects, landfill side
1. Improve the bearing capacity of foundation;
2. Preventing cracking and subsiding;
3. Convenient to construct, reducing cost and maintaining expense

3.Product Parameter


4.Project Cases

1)It can be applied in all kinds of roads, railways, airports to enhence the roadbed.

2) It can be applied in a large car park and terminal freight yard, etc, to strengthen the foundations of a permanent load.

3) It can be applied in rail, road slope’s protection.

4)It can be applied to enhence the culvert.

5)It can be applied as a secondary enhancement after the uniaxial geogrid soil enhancement, further enhance the soil, prevent soil erosion.

6) It can be applied in mining, tunnel reinforcement.







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