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PET Geobag Non-woven Geo Bag Geotextiles

Anti ultraviolet (UV),Nontoxic,non-combustion,
acid and alkali resistant,No extending on split,
environment-friendly,easy to plant growth,
Resistant tobio degradation and animal damage
Good temperature adaptability
Unit Weight:
  • Geobag

  • Zhongloo

Black Sand Bag Geotextile Bag PP PET Geobag PET Geotextile Bag

1.Product Parameters
Product Name
geobag/Geotextile Bag
100% Polypropylene/Polyester
40CM*80CM or cutomized
Construction method
Slope greening, repairing mines, inland river improvement,etc
Hand feel
Anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, non-toxic, non-combustion
1. Resistant to moisture
2. Chemical resistance
3. Anti-biodegradation and animal destruction
4. High temperature resistance
5. UV resistance
1. Both rivers
2. mine regreen
3. Treatment of landslides, gutters, soil erosion, irrigation systems
4. Constructed wetland repair
5. Green roof
Product description
Double-sided acupuncture non-woven bag made of PP or PET as raw material, strictly screening according to thickness, quality,
physical and mechanical properties, appearance, force mode, direction, and water permeability to achieve zero pollution

2.Product Description

Ecological bag is a kind of high strength anti-uv anti-freezing and thawing anti-acid and alkali ecological synthetic material, is a new high-tech special material, with high strength anti-uv anti-acid and alkali anti-corrosion anti-freezing and thawing can reach more than 50 years of non-degradation, is the real realization of zero pollution.Mainly used in the construction of flexible ecological slope.Eco-bag is a kind of good tool for protecting ecology, because it is resistant to moisture, does not absorb water, does not damage the bag, does not deform, and is insoluble in polluted liquid.

3.Detailed Photos


Geo Soil bag/ Non woven Ecological Pouch/Green Grass Bag for retaining wall

1.Folding resistance to moisture
The raw material of the ecological bag does not absorb moisture. When the water appears, it does not destroy the bag, and the bag does not deform and does not dissolve in the contaminated liquid (EPA Method 9090).
2.Folding anti-chemical corrosion (PH)
Extensive studies have shown that ecological bags have a strong resistance to certain concentrations of acid and alkaline chemicals and can be used in most solid and severely polluted sites.
3.Folding anti-biodegradable and animal damage.
The ecological bag adopts special formulation materials, which does not support, does not absorb, does not help the fungus growth, does not rot, does not moldy, does not deteriorate.
The ecological bag will not be digested by insects and related animals. It will not be eaten by rodents (mice), termites, borers, beetles, silver moths, etc.
4.Fold the anti-purple polymer.
The eco-bag can withstand temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius without melting and can withstand a minimum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
5.Folding anti-ultraviolet (UV)
Geotextilel bags contain carbon ink and other anti-uv components.






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