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[Industry News]What are the characteristics of the anti-cracking paste? How should we choose?

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The structural characteristics and composition of a new type of anti-cracking paste are as follows: It is a strip-shaped self-adhesive interlayer anti-cracking material composed of asphalt base materials, base materials, high-strength and high-temperature resistant fabrics, and thermal insulation films. Out of compound.
    The anti-cracking patch has high heat resistance, can withstand high temperatures of about 200, and has good chemical stability. Single-layer or multi-layer polyester materials can improve strength, abrasion resistance and shearing ability. Stress absorption and crack resistance. In the asphalt pavement, the polymer anti-cracking glue can disperse the pressure of the wheel contacting the lower layer and the stress in the area outside the wheel load edge, and form a buffer zone between the two stressed areas to gradually reduce the stress here and reduce the stress concentration Damage to the asphalt pavement, thereby prolonging the service life of the pavement; due to its good tensile strength and bonding properties, the polymer anti-cracking adhesive can connect the two sides of the lower crack.
     The investigation shows that, in addition to the construction process, many engineering problems are mainly caused by material performance defects. After repeated analogy and long-term research with similar products at home and abroad, the anti-cracking patch has also been greatly improved.

The anti-cracking patch is composed of an asphalt-based polymer, a high-strength tensile tire base, and a high-strength fabric that is resistant to high temperatures and is compatible with asphalt. Pasting it on the surface of asphalt concrete with cracks or peeling can reduce and block the temperature shrinkage stress acting on the road surface, so it also reduces the tendency of cracks to reflect through the surface. Due to its isolation between the base layer and the upper wear layer, the upper layer is protected from multi-directional displacement and shear stress. Used for anti-cracking stickers on roads, bridges, airports, etc.






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