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How to use geomembrane

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How to use geomembrane

The geomembrane should be compacted and cleaned before construction, and the flatness should be done as much as possible. During the laying process, the membrane should be as close as possible to the base surface to avoid bubbles and wrinkles. Compared with traditional waterproof materials, its tensile strength And the extensibility is better, and it is more suitable for the problem of uneven settlement of the base surface. For example, geomembranes are often used in seepage prevention projects such as artificial lakes, embankments, and channels.

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Specific use method: Geomembrane has a good anti-seepage effect, but if it is damaged during transportation and construction, its anti-seepage effect will be greatly reduced, so when we use it, we must pay attention to every detail in the construction. The risk is reduced; for example, when laying, in order to avoid damage to the material due to debris on the paving surface, we should first level and compact the base surface, and then manually clean the sharp objects on the base surface. There are weeds that are difficult to clean. The place should be sprayed with pesticides, and the slope should be smooth and level.

After the foundation surface is sorted out, a small area of trial paving should be carried out first, and the deficiencies in the construction or the areas to be improved should be found in time, and the large-scale construction will be carried out after the problems have been solved. In order to reduce the position of splicing, the geomembrane should be as wide as possible during production. The position that needs to be cut on site should be cut on a special site, rolled on the steel pipe, and manually transported to the construction surface for use.

The overall laying should follow the laying from top to bottom, and the horizontal direction should be laid from the foot of the slope to the outer end; do not pull too tightly during the process, and a certain margin should be left, and strive to fit the film and the base surface, and avoid it after laying. Human and mechanical crushing. Construction workers should wear flat-bottomed rubber shoes to prevent stepping on the geomembrane. After the laying is completed, the soil should be backfilled in time, so that it can be filled with the paving.


The application range of Anhui Zhonglu geomembrane in production and life: the application of this material is very extensive in our life, because this material has good corrosion resistance, and the strength and toughness are very good, Therefore, it can be widely used in some sewage treatment plants and other areas with corrosive liquids. In addition, due to its anti-water pressure characteristics, it can be well protected during the construction of dams. The role of dams.17

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