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How are Geocells used in Road Construction?

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How are Geocells used in Road Construction?

Unpaved roads are often built on unstable soil, such as expansive clay, peat bogs, or sand. Without the proper technology in place, these materials would crumble and threaten the roadways' durability. Geocells provide the stiffness and creep resistance needed to stabilize roads on soft soils. They prevent shrinking and cracking in clay, mitigate lateral dispersion and strain from sandy soils, and reinforce the subgrades in all soft soils.

Maintaining roads with cellular confinement systems HDPE Plastic geocell keeps them in proper conditions. Roads may have maintenance problems due to inappropriate characteristics of subsoil, which can cause rutting, dents, washing out, and settlements of unpaved surfaces. Parish surfaces and local, forestry, fire escape routes , and access roads can be all improved with geocells.

Glossy geocell bring economic and technical benefits related to the limitation of deep soil replacement, the opportunity to use an aggregate of lower quality (recycled quality), enabling a highly effective drainage system and considerably extended operational life compared to conventional solutions.

Ground improvement using geocells can be used for the construction of permanent and temporary roads. They improve load-bearing capacity of roads of granular and porous surfaces used by heavy-duty equipment and at the same time minimize costs.

The system reduces the amount of surface water and replenishes groundwater supplies. In addition, traffic or parking surfaces can be covered with vegetation, which is a very beneficial solution for the preserved areas.

No equipment is required to expand geocell sections, making installation easy as the cells can be placed over the softest subbases, and low-pressure equipment is not necessary for infill. Full-size loaded dump trucks can simply empty the payload and spread the granular material textured geocell in and over the geocell.

If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us, Mary +8618130028453,, Anhui Zhonglu (


If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us, Mary +8618130028453,, Anhui Zhonglu (








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