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High-strength seepage drainage filter pad (geowork mat)

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High-strength seepage drainage filter pad (geowork mat) is a kind of drainage geotechnical material made of industrial polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) as raw materials and melted and laid with random wires. It has the functions of high pressure resistance, large opening density, all-round water collection and horizontal drainage. The porosity of the high-strength seepage drainage filter pad can reach 80%, and the longitudinal permeability coefficient is greater than or equal to 4.0×10-2m/s, which is more than ten times that of the geotechnical drainage network. The thickness of the high-strength seepage drainage filter pad is generally 8mm~150mm. The compressive performance under the condition of 10%~40% compression deformation can reach 50kPa~600kPa.

Acting on the leachate diversion layer at the bottom of the reservoir area of the landfill, under the condition of bearing 150kPa pressure, the compression deformation rate is about 30%, which can completely replace the 30cm gravel layer.

It is used in the landfill closure system as a surface water drainage layer and a gas drainage layer, and can be applied to steep slopes. Its high drainage performance can remove seepage and gas in time and ensure the stability of the slope.

Its characteristics: 1. The construction is convenient, and the nylon cable ties are used to connect, which greatly saves manpower and construction period.

2. The construction is safe, no mechanical equipment is required to operate, and it conforms to the finished product protection standards for anti-seepage parts.

3. Not restricted by local conditions, the supply of raw materials is stable, and the cost is lower than that of the gravel diversion layer.






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