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High Tensile Basalt Fiber Mesh Geo Grid Fiberglass Geogrid Coated Bitumen 100-100kn/M for Sale

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High Tensile Basalt Fiber Mesh Geo Grid Fiberglass Geogrid Coated Bitumen 100-100kn/M for Sale

Glass Fiber Geogrid is composed of a reticular structural material made of glass fiber filament with modified bitumen coating. It withstands high and low temperatures and can resist corrosion. FiberGlass geogrid is a stress relief asphalt reinforcement grid developed specifically for ashpalt overlays. Fiber Glass geogrid can not only decrease the cost of construction but also longer the service life of the pavement and road.
Glass Fiber Geogrid in a pavement system can distribute traffic loading of vehicle and prevent reflective cracking due to temperature difference to extend service life of pavement.Anhui Zhonglu (


The product has the characteristics of high strength, low elongation, high temperature resistance, high modulus, light weight, good toughness, corrosion resistance, long life and so on. In engineering fields such as slope protection, road and bridge pavement enhancement treatment, it can strengthen and reinforce the pavement, prevent pavement rutting fatigue cracks, hot-cold expansion cracks and reflection cracks below, and can disperse the bearing stress of the pavement, prolong the service life of the pavement, high Low tensile strength, low elongation, no long-term creep, good physical and chemical stability, good thermal stability, anti-fatigue cracking, high temperature rutting resistance, low temperature shrinkage crack resistance, delay and reduce reflection cracks.



1. The old asphalt concrete pavement is reinforced to strengthen the asphalt surface layer to prevent diseases.
2. The cement concrete pavement is converted into a composite pavement to suppress reflection cracks caused by plate shrinkage.
3. Road extension and improvement project to prevent cracks caused by the junction of new and old and uneven settlement.
4. Reinforcement treatment of soft soil foundation is conducive to the consolidation of soft soil water separation, effectively inhibits settlement, uniform stress distribution, and enhances the overall strength of the roadbed.
5. The semi-rigid base of the newly built road produces shrinkage cracks, and the reinforcement is reinforced to prevent the pavement cracks caused by the reflection of the base cracks.


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