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HDPE Geomembrane Pond liner welding machine

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HDPE Geomembrane Pond liner welding machine

Geomembrane welding machine is one of many welding equipment, the main welding objects: HDPE, PE-C, PP, LDPE. Geomembrane on groove surface, anti-seepage membrane; mechatronic design, small size, light weight, field site The work has good operability. Double seam lap welding, high temperature control accuracy, high welding strength, good sealing effect, the middle is the weld leak detection bead, automatic crawling can realize slope, vertical and inverted automatic welding.


Application scenarios:

Landfill anti-seepage, waste liquid sewage tank, public works, building foundation geomembrane, tunnel waterproofing, mine waterproof lining, reservoirs, irrigation ditches, dam anti-seepage membranes, aquaculture ponds, swimming pool linings, oil storage tanks Anti-seepage, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank.(微信图片_20211217143740微信图片_20220705163424


1. Electric heating system: The heating temperature of the electric heating wedge adopts closed-loop control, and the temperature can be continuously adjusted.

Festival. Adjust to the corresponding pressure position for welding according to the thickness of the material.

2. Welding pressure adjustment system: can realize continuous adjustment.

3. Transmission system: The upper and lower pressure rollers are driven by two wheels synchronously, and the electronic stepless speed change control is adopted. The automatic control system is equipped with a tachogenerator to adjust the welding speed to keep it constant and is not affected by load changes. The power is transmitted to the transmission/press wheel through three-stage planetary gear reduction.

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