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HDPE Geocell driveway for road

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HDPE Geocell driveway for road


Geocell is a new type of high strength geosynthetic material which is popular at home and abroad. It is a three-dimensional
meshcell structure formed by high strength welding of reinforced HDPE sheet material.Due to engineering needs, some need to be
drilled in the diaphragm.During construction, it can be stretched into a network and filled with loose materials such as soil,
gravel,concrete, etc., to form a structure with strong lateral restrictions and large stiffness.

Main Feature:
1.It’s extractile,flexible to fold and convenient for transportation.
2.It can be filled with soil, gravel,earth,macadam and so on when being stretched into network.
3.It has light material, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti aging.
4.It is anti-skid and anti-deformation and also has a higher lateral limit, which can reduce the thickness of roadbed.

It is mainly used for reinforcement(ground stabilization:)
        2.soft foundation treatment,
        3.steep slope protection,
        4.landslide prevention,
        5.load-bearing mixed retaining wall.
        6.It is especially suitable for weathering forests, sand streams and marshes.





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