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HDPE Drainage Board Dimple Membrane Eco-friendly Material Waterproof

HDPE water drainage board also call plastic drainage sheet is a type of green roofing and foundation driange systems which are drained by a special molding plastic sheets. Water is retained and drained off within dimple on the upper sides of the drainage board; excess water spills over the edges of the plates and is carried off from the roof or foundations.
  • Plastic Grainage Board

  • Zhongloo

Product introduction

The storage and drainage board is made of polyethylene plastic injection.
It is a new drainage material with functions of drainage and water storage.
It has a variety of functions including water storage, drainage, air permeability, heat preservation and heat insulation, and root thorn resistance (preventing plant roots from damaging concrete structures).
Combined with geotextile, it can avoid the blocking of water storage tank and drainage channel by fine particle matrix, keep the drainage and air unblocked, and form a complete, new storage and drainage system, which is widely used in urban landscaping engineering.
Product specifications: convex height 20/25/30/40mm, width 41cm, 50cm

Technical parameter

Height20mm,25mm,30mm, 40mm,50mm


1.Greening Function : roof garden ,the greening of slop roof , football field ,golf course

2.Municipal engineering : airport ,road embankment ,subway ,tunnel ,refuse landfill

3.Constructional engineering :outer and interior wall of basement ,impervious layer and thermal-protective coating of roofing

4.Water conservancy project : the impermeable of reservoir and artificial lake

5.Traffic engineering : road ,dam ,slop protection layer ,railway






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