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HDPE Composite Drainage Board Feature&Application

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HDPE Composite Drainage Board Feature&Application

Dimple HDPE geomembrane is made of high molecular, produced by extrusion and adsorption. The tri-dimensional space can drain gas and fluid. It is a multi-functional material, can form channels for water and gas easily, which is sound insulation and vibration isolation. In the field of civil construction can be widely used in building roof system layer overhead, planted roof drainage ventilation, basement waterproofing system protection, thermal and moisture isolation of the interior surface, road and rail tunnel drainage protection. In the urban land, space, material resources are becoming scarce today, Dimple HDPE geomembrane to provide the most valuable option.Anhui zhonglu in this felid for more than 20 years,we can better assist you.

drainage board

drainage board

drainage board

hdpe drainage board sheet 

drainage board Application:

Greening project: garage roof greening, roof garden, vertical greening, sloping roof greening, football field, golf course.
Municipal engineering: airport, road subgrade, subway, tunnel, landfill.
Construction engineering: the upper or lower layer of the building foundation, the indoor and outdoor walls and bottom plates of the basement, as well as the roof, roof anti-seepage and heat insulation layer, etc.
Water conservancy projects: anti-seepage water in reservoirs, reservoirs, and artificial lakes.
Traffic engineering: highway, railway subgrade, dam and slope protection layer

drainage board Drainage Cell Sheet Drainage Mat
drainage board

geocompositie Drainage Mat

drainage board 1

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