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Geotextile Tubes Woven Geotextiles Geotube

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Geotextile Tubes Woven Geotextiles Geotube

Product Description

  The Geotextile Tube Bag dehydration technology is an effective technology and a solution that has been proven safe for dehydratio by many research centers around the world. It is made of high-performance, special polypropylene monofilament, flat yarn or split film yarn for cloth processing and special sewing.


Sludge Treatment

The volume of sludge can be reduced by more than 90%, and it contains a higher proportion of solid content, making it easier to remove and process.

Revetment, Breakwater
The embankment core filling geotechnical pipe bag breakwater is a breakwater made of new materials. It forms a kind of breakwater by filling the geotechnical pipe bag with sea sand. Not only saves the construction cost of the breakwater, but also makes better use of environmental resources, and can well meet the construction and functional requiremenrs of the breakwater.

Ecological Restoration
Geotube bag dewatering technology can dehydrate the bottom mud gathered in river, bays seaports, wharves, ports and docks to project the environment.

Light Industry, Agriculture and Aquaculture
Geotube bag dehydration technology reduces the water content in the filtration process, simplifies the water recycling process, and intercepts more than 90% of the suspended soild particles. It is an ideal choice for cleaning sludge storage tanks, clarification tanks and filtering waster projects.






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