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Geosynthetic clay liner GCL mats 4000g 4500g landfill dam liner

Bentonite Composite Waterproof Blanket is a special geosynthetic material used in artificial lakes and water features, landfills, underground garages, roof gardens, pools, oil depots and chemical dumps, etc. It is made of high expansion of sodium bentonite filled in a special composite geotextile and non-woven fabric between the needle-punching method into the bentonite impermeable mat can form many small fiber space, is the bentonite particles can not flow like a direction. When water is encountered, a uniform high-density gel-like waterproof layer is formed in the mat, effectively preventing water leakage.
  • Geosynthetic clay liner

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Product Description

Geosynthetic Clay Liner(GCL) is also named sodium bentonite composite waterproof pad. This is to make high swelling sodium bentonite filling into the inside between special composite geotextile and non-woven fabric. The bentonite impermeable cushion that made of acupuncture method can form a lot of small fiber spaces. This is to make the bentonite particles cannot flow in one direction. When encountering water, it can form uniformly high density colloidal waterproof layer in the pad, and effectively prevent water leakage. Geosynthetic clay liner is suitable for artificial lake water, landfill, underground garage, roof garden, pool, oil depot and chemicals yard.

Technical parameter

Projects/ Technical data





Weight per unit area(g/m2)


Bentonie swell index(ml/2g)




Ethylene blue absorption(g/100g)




Tensile strength (N/100mm)




Racking strength(N/100mm)
(for nonwovwn and woven fabric)




Racking strength(N/100mm)
(for HDPE films and nonwoven fabric)






anti-static water pressure


not seepage

0.6Mpa,1h,not seepage

filtration loss (ml)




Bentonite durability (ml/2g)



GCL Feature:

1.The permanent waterproof

Because sodium base bentonite is a natural inorganic material, even after a long time or the surrounding environment changes,

also won't happen aging or corrosion phenomena, so the waterproof performance persistence.

2. Compactibility

Sodium base bentonite under water pressure condition to form diaphragm with high density, thickness of about 3 mm,

its permeability is 5 x 10-11 m/SEC below, equivalent to 100 times the compactness of 30 cm thickness of clay,

have very strong since the water retention performance.

3.Not affected by temperature

In cold climates will not brittle fracture.

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