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Geogrid Application for Airport

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Geogrid Application for airports

All airports have extensive infrastructure that is expensive to construct and maintain. It is also continually evolving to meet changing stakeholder needs. On top of that the logistical and safety issues applicable to a live airport make maintenance a highly complex and costly process. Meeting these needs has required responsive changes in strategy, investment, and technology.

Airport owners often find themselves in a never-ending maintenance and reconstruction process. A major factor is the large areas of pavements each airport must maintain to ensure uninterrupted operations. Compounding the issue, the most frequently used and heavily loaded pavements, like aprons and taxiways, often need the most work. The extensive network of ducting for services, pipework and drainage below these pavements creates highly variable foundation conditions can lead to differential settlement problems. And when pavements have been constructed over very soft ground, an even greater challenge is created for long-term performance.

geogrids in a mechanically stabilised layer can strengthen pavements constructed over weak and variable subgrades and mitigate differential settlement, This design approach reduces the volume of aggregate needed, and shortens construction time, while extending service life to produce the potential for significant cost, and environmental benefits.

When dealing with existing cracked asphalt pavements or overlaying old concrete pavements,  asphalt interlayer products can be incorporated into the asphalt overlay to greatly extend the life of the overlay. Upward cracking is delayed, improving the visual appearance and more importantly the performance of the surfacing.






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