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GeoCell Ground Grid Usage, Benefits and Applications

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GeoCell Ground Grid Usage, Benefits and Applications

Composed of virgin HDPE plastic, geocell grids are a system of welded cells creating a stable structure of cell walls to provide cellular confinement support to slope, base, channel, and vertical applications. By distributing the load across an extended area, the stress on the geocell grid and the sub-grade below is greatly reduced. This allows one to reduce the thickness of the structure in base applications or increase the strength and integrity of the reinforced structure. One can also utilize lower quality fill material when using geocells as the number of cell walls allows for excellent distributed load support as well as provides soil particle retention in slope and channel applications. Contact us (

GeoCell Ground Grid

When fastened together and placed on subsoil surfaces, interconnected geocells that expand and prop open can accommodate different types of infill materials such as soil, aggregate, recycled materials and more. These materials are then compacted to provide additional strength. Geocells provide increased performance for many different construction applications, either allowing slimmer structures or additional reinforcement.


Geocells are also used in construction when creating the foundation for a new building, as well as mining containment, sedimentary control and other rock-based industries. And since geocell technology allows for durability in slope grading, this technology plays a key role in drainage and flood control.Support for Road Construction

Geocells improve the performance of roads by reinforcing soil in the subgrade by creating an effective load distribution through a three-dimensional mattress that reduces soil settlement and improves shear strength and load-bearing capacity. Applications include asphalt pavements, service roads, railway substructure, parking facilities and emergency access areas, among others. Contact us (

Retaining Walls

Geocell retention systems strengthen retaining walls and increase soil stabilization for areas that are steep or have irregular topography. Using geocells eliminates the need for concrete formwork, and curing ad allows for use of native soils for fill where appropriate. They are also appropriate for lining channels to direct water flow or to reinforce soft soil for large footings for retaining wall strip footings.


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Erosion Protection for Steep Slopes and Channels

Three-dimensional interconnected geocells help prevent soil erosion and ensure the long-term stability of steep slopes and channels. Perforations in the cells allow the passage of water, nutrients and soil organisms while simultaneously inhibiting the worst effects of heavy rains. They are used for pipeline stabilization, quarry and mine site restoration, and road and rail embankments.

Benefits of Geocells

There are multiple benefits to geocell technology, the first and most obvious being the creation of a long-lasting infrastructure. Since geocells are essentially perforated cellular confinement structures, they can provide a stable, yet flexible base for all sorts of civil engineering projects, ranging from embankment retention to road paving.

These cells also ensure that slopes are more secure than those that rely on mulch mats or stone pitching. Stone pitching geocells rely on a large number of stones that must be carefully placed by a skilled craftsman and require regular maintenance in order to stay securely in place.

Finally, soil retention that relies on the use of geocells lasts much longer than more traditional soil retention options. Since geocells are made of high-quality polymeric strips, they are not prone to deterioration in the face of temperature shifts and thermal cycling. Contact us (

Geocell technology has simplified work for engineers who create the road systems that make travel possible in our country. Since the perforated cells are capable of holding soil, rock, concrete and a variety of other substances, civil engineers heavily rely on geocells in order to make travel possible.

For green parking applications, geocells reinforce grass paths or parking areas on the bottom layer, preventing the destruction of the area from both foot and vehicle traffic.

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