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Geo Cell Ground Enhancement Cellular System Gravel Grid

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Geo Cell Ground Enhancement Cellular System Gravel Grid

Product Description

HDPE geocell grid for slope protection is contrary to the traditional method such as concrete cell.

HDPE geocell for slope protection not only reduces soil erosion, but also improves the original ecological environment. The reason is that geocell slope protection is a new type of slope protection combined with grass planting, on the one hand, the friction between the sidewall of the geocell and the soil and the lateral constraint of the geocell grid to the soil. Under the action of force, the geocell changes the flow direction of the slope water flow, prolongs the flow path of the water flow, so that part of the water flow energy can be consumed in the cell, and the runoff and flow velocity can be reduced, which has a good energy dissipation effect. HPDE geocell grid can reduce the erosion of the slope by the water flow; on the other hand, it can beautify the environment and is conducive to the restoration of the ecological environment of the slope.

HDPE Geocell  Main Performance :

*High tensile strength
*Powerful and rigid confinement
*Flexible to fold during the transport and installation on construction site
*Long service time


1.Load support: solve unacceptable road,parking, and yard surface problems.

2.Slope protection: create a stable environment for long-term sustainability of embankment material.
3.Channel protection:Ensure stability and protection of channels exposed to all types of erosive conditions.
4.Vegetated retaining walls; includes steepened slopes, retaining walls, gravity walls and so on.





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