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Free Sample Soil Reinforcement Fiberglass Uniaxial Geogrid for Retaining Wall

Fiberglass geogrid is knitted by glass fiber filaments and coated with bitumen to provide a good bond with the asphalt layers, can strengthen the asphalt layer, extend the service life ot pavement layers and decrease the occurrence rate of reflective cracking under cyclic traffic load.

Tensile strength::

1.Product DescriptionIMG_1449 SUMMER 孟丽

Glassfiber geogrid is a kind of plane network shape material that selects excellent reinforcement non-alkali fiberglass yarn. It's base material by using foreign advanced warp knitter and adopts warp knitted directional structure, It make full use of yarn strength in textile, improves its chemical performance and makes it have good tension resistance, tearing resistance and creep resistance and is formed by excellent modified asphalt coating treatment. It follows similar and compatible principle, lays stress on its synthetic performance with asphalt mixture, protects glass fiber base material full and improve wearing resistance and sharing force resistance of base material so as to make road surface reinforce,to prevent highway harm such as crack and rut from occurring and to solve the problem that asphalt rode surface is difficult for reinforcement.

2.Product Funtion

* High tensile strength, High tear-resistence. High occlusive force with gravel and soil.

* Low creep deformation, low creep deformation.

* Good anti-aging performance.


1) Maintenance and reinforcement of old asphalt road.

2) Rebuild old cement concrete road into composite road, restrain reflection crack caused by different block contraction.

3) It has widely applied in road renovation and expansion project, prevents cracks along the joint position caused by uneven


4) It is used for soft sub grade reinforcement. The geogrid will help the water infiltration and soil concretion, restrain

subsidence effectively, and decentralize stress evenly, enhance overall strength of the roadbed.







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