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Floating Silt Curtains and Turbidity Curtains

Silt curtains (also called turbidity curtains, silt screens or silt barricades) are vertical barriers positioned within the water that function to contain the fine particles of silt that are discharged into the water from dredging, construction or reclamation activities.
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Product introduction

Silt curtains are useful tools in almost any water environment. There are three groups of silt curtains, named type I, type II and type III, with I being the lightest and III the most heavy-duty silt curtain. Qualified professions will analyze a variety of factors such as water flow speed, waves, wind, and project type and duration, to help you to decide which silt curtain is needed for your project.

Silt Curtains are specifically designed to contain and control the dispersion of suspended solids in the water column during pile driving, site work, dredging, bank re-profiling, quarrying or marine construction, significantly reducing stress on the aquatic environment when deployed.


- Available in a wide range of heavy duty PVC coated fabrics 

- Custom sizes available 

- Cylindrical foam floatation (rolled polyethylene) for maximum memory characteristics.  Will retain shape, will not crush or break into pieces. - Corrosion resistant ASTM style marine grade aluminum connectors 

- Heavy duty galvanized steel ballast chain


- For emergency and permanent use in nearshore and harbors and other calm and protected waters 

- High visibility color International standard Orange or Yellow 

- Easy to deploy and store - For Fast Oil Spill Response







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