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China High Tenslie Strength Biaxial welding Steel Plastic Composite Geogrid for driveway reinforcement

1. High tensile strength

2. Small creep

3. Special welding treatment

4. Corrosion resistance


1.Product Description

The steel plastic composite geogrid uses high tensile steel wire(or other fiber) specially handled and polyethylene (P.E) with other assistants. Then squeeze it out and make it become composite high-strength anti-pull belt and the horizontally using this single belt and welding the joint using a special welding technology (ultrasonic welding technology) to molding is reinforcement geogrid.

2.Product Feature

・High strength, small creep deformation, suitable for various environmental soils.

・It can be used widely in the earthwork engineering.

・Improve the interlocking and the occlusion of the reinforcement supporting surface.

3.Product Parameter


4.Project Cases

Steel-plastic geogrid is widely used in soft soil foundation projects such as roads, railways, dams and ports, as well as high retaining wall works.
4.1. Roadway, railway, earth bank, approach road, dock, retaining wall, flood dike.
4.2 Increase the bearing capacity of the subgrade considerably
4.3 Dam, mudflat treatment, freight yard, spoil area, airport, stadium.
4.4.Environment protection buildings, retaining wall, slope protection.
4.5 Restrict the lateral displacement of the soil body effectively
4.6 Strengthen the foundation of the soft soil and increase the protect ability to enhance the bearing capacity.
4.7.Strengthen the stability of the subgrade
4.8.And the road surface cracking resistance, etc.






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