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Best Quality Non-slip Stall Flooring Grid for Mud Control Plastic Grass Paver Height 40 Mm

1. High compressive strength

2. Corrosion resistance

3. Easy to install

4. Long service life


Best Quality Non-slip Stall Flooring Grid for Mud Control Plastic Grass Paver Height 40 Mm


  1. Product Description

The grass grid is made of modified high molecular weight HDPE, which is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. It realizes the combination of lawn and parking lot. The grass grid is resistant to pressure, abrasion, impact, aging, and corrosion. Quality saves investment. Unique flat-plug lap joint, labor-saving, fast, and adjustable expansion joints. Common specifications: 415×370×38mm, 355×355×50mm, 355×355×70mm.

2.Product Feature

・Expand the green area: The Grass Paver provides more than 95% of the grass planting area. The grass grid combines the parking and greening functions into one. The complete greening effect can absorb sound and dust, which obviously improves the quality and taste of the environment.

・High strength and long life: the unique and stable flat-insertion lap joint of the planting grid makes the entire paving surface connected into a flat whole, avoiding partial depression, and the construction is extremely convenient. The performance of the grass trellis is stable, anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali corrosion, abrasion resistance, weather resistance -40℃-90℃. The maximum compressive capacity is 200 tons/square meter, which is larger than the 32 tons/square meter of fire-fighting climbing surface required by the specification.

・Excellent drainage and lawn protection: The gravel load-bearing layer provides a good water access function and facilitates the drainage of excess precipitation. The gravel load-bearing layer provides a certain water storage function, which is beneficial to the growth of the lawn, and the grass roots can grow to the gravel layer.

3.Product Parameter


4.Project Cases

Mainly used for seepage prevention, reinforcement, protection of DAMS, water treatment, landfill filtration, drainage and asphalt road reconstruction and other projects.







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