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Anti-seepage membrane covering the stacking yard

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Anti-seepage membrane covering the stacking yard

The anti-seepage film covering the stacking yard can resist ultraviolet rays. The properties of the polymer have the characteristics of moisture resistance, non-absorbing moisture and chemical corrosion resistance. Extensive research and testing show that the covering anti-seepage film has a strong resistance to a certain concentration of acid and alkali chemicals. , can be used in most solid and heavily polluted locations. The diffusion of odor in the leachate conditioning tank is restrained, the surrounding environment of the leachate treatment plant is obviously changed, and environmental pollution is avoided. It plays the role of rain and sewage diversion, reducing the amount of leachate to a certain extent, so as to slow down the flow impact load of the sewage station, and the flexible floating cover membrane system of the entire regulating tank operates well. Due to the flexibility and puncture resistance of the anti-seepage geomembrane, the flexibility of the anti-seepage membrane material is very important for the yard closure project. Its relatively low cost and high cost performance are commonly used anti-seepage materials in engineering.

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The main role of the anti-seepage membrane covering the stacking yard is to separate rainwater. HDPE membrane with good waterproof, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof properties is used to cover the adjustment tank as a whole. Gravity pressure pipes are set on the covering membrane, and floating rafts are set under the covering membrane. A gas drainage layer is formed between the membrane and the water surface. Before the cover is not added, the sewage of the landfill leachate in the adjustment tank will be stored in the open air. The adjustment tank will emit an unpleasant odor, and on rainy days, the rainwater will flow into the adjustment tank. The amount of sewage in the regulation tank is increased, and the operating cost of sewage treatment is also increased.

The anti-seepage membrane covering the stacking yard is a waterproof and barrier-type material with polymer as the basic raw material.

Mainly divided into: low-density polyethylene (LDPE) geomembrane, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane and EVA geomembrane. Geomembrane

1. The width and thickness are complete.

2. It has resistance to environmental stress cracking and chemical corrosion resistance.

3. Chemical resistance.

4. It has a large operating temperature range and a long service life.

5. Used in landfills, tailings storage sites, channel seepage prevention, dam seepage prevention and subway projects, etc.





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