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Advantages and applications of woven geotextiles

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Geotextiles are textiles used in civil engineering. Geotextiles in a narrow sense are permeable textiles used in civil engineering with civil technical materials. The impermeable textile is called a geomembrane, and the geomembrane is generally obtained by coating the textile with asphalt or other coatings. Geotextiles in a broad sense include permeable geotextiles and impermeable geomembranes in civil engineering. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) defines geotextiles as "everything that is used with foundations, soil, rock, earth or any other civil materials and is used as an integral part of man-made engineering, structures, and systems, called geotextiles. "Geotextile is the fourth new type of building material used in geotechnical engineering after steel, cement and wood. It has the functions of drainage, filtration, isolation, reinforcement, protection, anti-seepage and leakage prevention.woven geotextile





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